Barry Cooper Videos

Barry acted as an undercover journalist informant to help the police track Meissner. KopBusters pretended they wanted to feature Meissner on the reality show as a good kop. In reality, Barry was relaying important information to the police regarding Meissner’s whereabouts and current situation. Visit for more details.

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In Barry Cooper’s Never Get Busted DVDs, he teaches pot smokers and growers how to, well, not get busted:

The raw footage of the police entering Cooper’s fake grow house in Odessa:

TV News covers the Odessa sting:

Coverage of the Yolanda Madden case:

Kopbusters bag drop sting, Finder’s Keepers:

Kopbusters works with police to catch a cop on the run:

Barry and Candi discuss the raid on their house:

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