Saul Elbein


Get Your Norteño out of My Conjunto

McAllen Everything is going fine until Lupe Saenz sees the CDs. I’m paying my check at a run-down diner in downtown Mercedes, a town of about 15,000 a little east of McAllen. Standing with me is Saenz, head of the … Read More

Health Care

Intent To Harm

The new doctor in town was friendly, popular—and dangerous. Especially to the nurses who reported his bizarre treatments.

Before everything happened, nurse Anne Mitchell says Kermit had a good little hospital. “We had an excellent nursing staff. We had great doctors. We provided very, very good care.” In 2008, when the trouble began, Winkler County Memorial Hospital was … Read More

Texas Politics

The Extra-Lite Gov

How David Dewhurst diminished the state's most powerful office.

This story was corrected and updated on Nov. 4. During the 2007 session of the Texas Legislature, Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst brought the Senate to near-mutiny. It was May 15, near the end of the session, the point at which … Read More

Arts & Minds, Film

Film Festivals and the Myth of Marfa

Why Marfa? I don’t know. I wanted to put on a film festival, and here we are. -Robin Lambaria,MFF organizerTo understand why the Marfa Film Festival has grown so fast from a tiny regional gathering to the beginnings of institution, … Read More

Health Care

Conversion Story

How Bryan's Planned Parenthood director became a pro-life celebrity.

Abby Johnson was the 29-year-old executive director of Planned Parenthood in Bryan when she resigned in October. A month later, she was on Mike Huckabee’s FOX News show explaining why she had joined the Coalition for Life, a Bryan pro-life … Read More