Saul Elbein

Keystone XL Pipe Line: Pipe Dream

Iron Hands Behind the Pine Curtain

I watched him being loaded into the van. The pepper spray had not been washed off; his face was swollen and contorted, with long ropes of mucus hanging from his nostrils. Read More


Keeping Time In Lockhart

The story of how Galbraith ended up devoting his life to the care and restoration of antique clocks reads like a fairy tale. It dates back 30 years to a now-vanished neighborhood in Austin, to the day when a simple act of kindness changed Galbraith’s life forever. Read More


Fehrenbach’s Texas

When I met T.R. Fehrenbach, the fam-ous Texas historian, I found an old man given to gloomy pronouncements about mortality wearing a camel hair sport coat that seemed almost to swallow him. His eyes were clear, and as I set … Read More

Texas Politics

No Shows: Why So Few Texans Bother to Vote

I WAS SITTING IN A COMMUNITY RESOURCE CENTER in the Houston suburb of Alief trying to get a glimpse of the state’s future. Alief is a mostly working-class neighborhood on the western rim of the city. Twenty years ago, Alief … Read More

Criminal Justice

Saving the Mint

The first time Priscilla Swafford heard about the community center, she didn’t believe it. She was standing in her apartment. There was a knock on the door. When she opened it, there were two fresh-faced Latinos. They looked like they … Read More

Human Rights

The Long Road Home

Prosecutions, mass graves and the police archive provide clues in the deaths of thousands of Guatemalans.

On December 19, 1980, the last day she was seen alive, Alaide Foppa left her mother’s house in Guatemala City on her way to the airport. At 66, Foppa was an internationally known leftist poet and feminist. When the CIA-backed … Read More

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Keeping Time In Lockhart

Gene Galbraith is a professional horologist, an archaic word that essentially means “maker of clocks and watches.” Read More


Caldwell Czechs In

There were four of us sitting around a table at the Longhorn Bar and Grill in downtown Caldwell, just across the street from the Burleson County courthouse. My companions were all retired, and they had nothing better to do. Charles … Read More

Rick Perry
Texas Politics

The Boy from Haskell

Rick Perry's small-town Texas politics.

If you want to clear a room in Haskell, this is how you do it. You walk in. You sit down. You say, “I’m a reporter, and I’d like to talk to you about Rick Perry.” I tried this on … Read More