Laura Marie Thompson

Laura Marie Thompson is a freelance journalist, former Observer intern and Houston native. She writes about race, gender, politics and more.

Best of 2016

Texas’ 10 Worst Social Media Moments of 2016

It was a year of fake news, nonsensical tweets and non-apologies galore.

If 2016 taught us anything, it’s that one late-night Twitter outburst can leave the entire country reeling for days to come. But President-elect Donald Trump wasn’t alone in his ill-advised posting. Here are 10 times prominent Texans made us hang … Read More

Youth in the Texas Juvenile Justice Department's Phoenix Program
Criminal Justice

In Texas, the School-to-Prison Pipeline is Still Going Strong

Students of color and children with special needs were disproportionately affected by law enforcement’s involvement in schools.

Despite the Texas Legislature’s efforts to curb the school-to-prison pipeline, law enforcement still plays a major role in disciplining students for minor infractions. Read More

Dan Patrick called on Texas' faith leaders — though only Christian representatives were present on Wednesday — to assist foster parents as part of a fix for a child welfare system in crisis.
Texas Legislature

Dan Patrick Calls on Churches to Tackle Child Welfare Crisis

Advocates say Patrick's faith-based plan to offer foster care 'support' isn't a substitute for shoring up the state program.

Leaders from Christian congregations joined Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick and other lawmakers at the Capitol to discuss the state's child welfare crisis. Read More

Lexie Cooper, right, and other members of the National Organization for Women, protest the Texas Alliance for Life annual benefit dinner in Austin.
Health Care

Greg Abbott Promises New Abortion Restrictions in 2017

Protesters in Halloween gear gathered outside the governor’s address to an anti-abortion lobby group in Austin.

Protesters wearing Halloween gear gathered outside the governor’s address to an anti-abortion group, where he promised to further defund Planned Parenthood. Read More