Laura Marie Thompson

Laura Marie Thompson is a freelance journalist, former Observer intern and Houston native. She drinks too much coffee and writes about gender and immigration.

By Laura Marie Thompson:

Health Care

House Votes to Expand Religious Freedom at the Expense of Foster Children, Critics Say

“Denying [kids] access to things they need or forcing your culture on them at the expense of theirs is not in the best interest of the children,” one foster parent said.

Patricia Murphy, a single foster mother in Austin who is certified to care for the children with the highest needs in the state, says her guiding principle is to “meet kids where they are.” She’s cared for a girl who … Read More

Best of 2016

Texas’ 10 Worst Social Media Moments of 2016

It was a year of fake news, nonsensical tweets and non-apologies galore.

If 2016 taught us anything, it’s that one late-night Twitter outburst can leave the entire country reeling for days to come. But President-elect Donald Trump wasn’t alone in his ill-advised posting. Here are 10 times prominent Texans made us hang … Read More