Gus Bova

Gus Bova is a white man with short brown hair, a trimmed mustache, wearing a blue and white button down flannel.


Gus Bova is a senior staff writer and assistant editor at the Texas Observer. He covers labor, politics, and other major Texas stories. He has written extensively on topics ranging from the border wall to homelessness. Before coming to the Observer, he worked at a shelter for recently arrived immigrants and asylum-seekers. He studied Latin American Studies at the University of Kansas.

Articles by Gus Bova
A young woman holds a sign at the head of a protest march in Uvalde July 10.

Uvalde Vive

In tragedy’s wake, a fiery movement for justice emerges in a South Texas town that’s known an uprising before.

by Gus Bova

Greg Casar Superstar?

The organizer, groundbreaking Austin policymaker, and congressional nominee plans to be the House’s ‘most pro-labor’ member.

by Gus Bova