A Step-By-Step Guide to the School Finance Battle


For two days, the House and Senate have been locked in negotiations about just how they’ll distribute $4 billion in funding cuts to school districts. It’s the first time we’ve decreased funding for public education since our modern school finance system went into place in 1949. 

Eissler’s plan has never been heard in Commitee, will never get a debate

Conference Committee

A good number of Senate Republicans have been adamant that whatever school finance plan comes up must the flawed target revenue system

This is hardly a partisan issue: Rs may block, 

Hochberg Plan Gone and Hochberg out of negotiations

Inclusion of Edujobs funds in runs

Summer Session, Must pass

Another Pitts, Turner, Crownover, Eissler, Geren // Senators Duncan, Chair; Williams, West, Patrick, and Deuell

Dewhurst, Shapiro, Duncan and Deuell face off with Eissler, Geren, Branch and Pitts

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