Monthly Archives: February 2013

Tea Party Legislator Wants to Eliminate Texas’ Wind Energy Standard

Texas’ successful wind industry could be undercut under legislation filed today by freshman Rep. Scott Sanford, a Republican from McKinney.

Sanford’s bill would effectively eliminate Texas’ wind energy standards.

Whitmire, West Ding Patrick on Charter Bill: “We’re Fixing to Create More Government”

It was a telling diversion in an otherwise agreeable budget meeting to watch a pair of Democratic senators try to make Patrick, the usually tight-fisted tea party favorite, defend the extra cost of his school reform plans.

Business Group, Higher Ed Leaders Want More College Funding Based on Graduation Rates

Dallas Rep. Dan Branch has introduced a bill that could tie up to 25 percent of higher ed funding to “outcomes” like quick graduation, doubling down on a controversial proposal he backed last session.