Daily Archives: January 8, 2013

‘Campbell’s Calvary,’ Secessionists and Other True Believers Pack the Capitol Hallways

It was a wet day in Austin, and the various rallies planned outside—for Latino needs, for Texas secession—were crunched inside. A particularly motley bunch of activists, lookey-loos, road-weary elected officials and well-tanned lobbyists passed each other in the hallways of the Capitol, often at as polite a distance as space would allow.

Van de Putte Treated to Compliments, Awkward Jokes as Senate’s New President Pro Tem

Zaffirini’s nomination roast continued with a nod to Van de Putte’s 12 kids and grandchildren gathered around her desk. “I’m not sure when she became an advocate for Planned Parenthood,” Zaffirini said, “but I bet her children are glad it wasn’t earlier.”