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Cloud Eye Control

There’s something undeniably sexy about Manifest Destiny. Possession, consumption and the wild promise of the unknown are desires that, like it or not, are deeply engrained in the American spirit. Thomas Paine argued in 1776 that the American Revolution would …

Civil Wrongs

Counterfeit Justice’s subtitle is The Judicial Odyssey of Texas Freedwoman Azeline Hearne, and author Dale Baum, professor of history at Texas A&M University, makes Azeline’s journey compellingly real. His book recounts Azeline’s transformations from slave mistress to plantation owner to …


If it’s approved for an air-quality permit by the TCEQ, White Stallion Energy Center’s “clean coal” facility in Matagorda County would churn out an estimated 10 million tons of CO2 annually. The plant would send significant amounts of smog and …

Documents: TCEQ Emails and Calendars

Chairman Bryan Shaw’s calendar Commissioners Buddy Garcia’s calendar Commissioner Carlos Rubinstein’s calendar Executive Director Mark Vickery’s calendar Deputy Executive Director Zak Covar’s calendar Zak Covar’s emails Carlos Rubinstein’s emails Bryan Shaw’s emails ** Chief Auditor’s investigation into allegations of fraud