The New ‘Quiet Pessimism’ of Climate Change Denial

by Hannah McBride | Wed, Nov 25, 2015 at 13:47 CST
Texas conservatives may finally have to admit that a bevy of lawsuits can't stop the Clean Power Plan before it goes into effect in 2018.
A baby alligator at the 2015 Gatorfest by Asher Elbein

Epitaph for an Alligator

With its display of mangled carcasses, is Gatorfest really the best way to honor the reptile?

Commodifying nature is nothing new. And perhaps my unease is the discomfort of a city person, who doesn’t have to live around big predators or make a living f...Read More

hillcrest-corpus-christi-rachel-denny-clow by Priscila Mosqueda

A Neighborhood Apart

A Corpus Christi highway project threatens to sever a community already devastated by industry.

Residents of two Corpus Christi neighborhoods claim energy companies stole their health by polluting the air, water and ground around their homes. Now they are ...Read More