Christopher Hooks

Christopher Hooks is a freelance journalist in Austin.

By Christopher Hooks:


Worst. Legislature. Ever. How Did We Get Here?

The Republican Party of Texas, hostage to its own overreach and gerrymandered districts, will never fix itself.

Grind with me for a moment the gears of imagination, and consider a state not unlike our own — let’s call it Rexas — which has demonstrated an unusual degree of political stability over the last 20 years. One party … Read More

LGBT Rights

Bathroom Wars Prove Dan Patrick’s Dominance over Texas Legislature

More than ever, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick is pulling the strings at the Capitol.

There was something very peculiar about the proceedings of the Texas House Sunday night, even amid a session that has scored high in casual cruelty and procedural dishonesty. In short, the chamber acceded to a small-but-significant part of Lieutenant Governor … Read More


What Democrats Can Learn from Louisiana (No, Really)

The election of Democrat John Bel Edwards as governor of Louisiana is one of the most significant but ignored progressive policy victories in years.

The last four years have been among the grimmest periods in the Democratic Party’s history. State parties in nearly every region have been decimated, Dems have almost no power in Congress, and the Midwestern states that once gave the party … Read More