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Christopher Hooks joined the Observer in 2014. Previously, he was a freelance journalist in Austin, where he grew up. His work has appeared in Politico Magazine, Slate, and Texas Monthly, among others. He graduated from The New School in 2012 with a bachelor's degree in history.

By Christopher Hooks:

Kingwood tea party rally

Dan Patrick: Cops’ Lives Matter Most of All

Who will protect the protectors? Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, that’s who. On September 3, Patrick was interviewed by the Texas Standard in a week dominated by the aftermath of the murder of Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy Darren Goforth. The killing of Goforth, at a gas station by a man with a history of mental illness, touched off a new phase in the debate over police tactics. Read More

Ken Paxton

Paxton Prays for Tea Party’s Blessing at Grapevine Church

Some would have us believe that Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is the author of his own troubles, which at the moment include, but are not limited to, three felony indictments alleging that Paxton committed securities fraud and failed to register as an investment advisor with the state. But those who would speak against Paxton bear false witness, as the congregation at Grapevine’s First Baptist Church learned Sunday morning. Read More

special needs kids
Health Care

Texas Parents, Therapists Speak Out: No Cuts For Thousands of Special Needs Kids

A rider in the conference committee’s budget, inserted at the 11th hour, made dramatic cuts to the Texas Medicaid Acute Care Therapy Program. Some had suggested the state paid too much to provide physical, speech and occupational therapy services for special needs children. But instead of applying a scalpel to the “fat,” they took a hacksaw to the program. Read More

Donald Trump at the American Airlines Center in Dallas

The Donald Does Dallas

Why is it that this guy, poorly coiffed, evidently fraudulent and more than a little mean, can pack — most of the way — an NBA stadium in a state that should have had its fill of hardline politics? Read More

Ted Cruz

Cruz Courts Tea Party and Channels Trump in Kingwood

On the campaign trail outside Houston, Ted Cruz delivers a bombastic defense of anti-gay Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis

Ted Cruz's little statewide tour took him to same-day events in Ft. Worth, Tyler and Kingwood, where he rallied the faithful and proved once again that no one in state or national politics can speak to the Texas tea party id like he can Read More

Ted Cruz

In Houston, Ted Cruz Faults Obama for Cop Killings

Campaigning Cruz tries to rev up the Houston business class on crime, abortion and the impending loss of the entire Eastern Seaboard.

On Tuesday, returning to his hometown after another jaunt to New Hampshire, Ted Cruz gave a “State of the Senate” speech to a meeting of a major Houston business association, the Greater Houston Partnership. Read More

Ken Paxton

That Sinking Feeling

Is indicted Attorney General Ken Paxton a political aberration or a symptom of a larger sickness?

Ken Paxton’s rapid ascent from state representative to state senator and then to the attorney general’s office in the span of just three years has been an object lesson in the dysfunctions of contemporary Texas politics. Read More

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz: Trump Hurts Conservatives, and I Love It!

If Cruz has enough brainpower to know that Trump is bad for both conservatism and the Republican Party — and there’s ample reason to believe that he does — it’s one thing to say Trump has some good points, insinuate yourself with the Gadsden Flag crowd, and stand back, and another to fan the flames. Which one is Cruz doing? Read More