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Christopher Hooks joined the Observer in 2014. Previously, he was a freelance journalist in Austin, where he grew up. His work has appeared in Politico Magazine, Slate, and Texas Monthly, among others. He graduated from The New School in 2012 with a bachelor's degree in history.

By Christopher Hooks:


That Sinking Feeling

by Christopher Hooks | Mon, Aug 31, 2015 at 14:00 CST
Is indicted Attorney General Ken Paxton a political aberration or a symptom of a larger sickness?
Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz: Trump Hurts Conservatives, and I Love It!

If Cruz has enough brainpower to know that Trump is bad for both conservatism and the Republican Party — and there’s ample reason to believe that he does — it’s one thing to say Trump has some good points, insinuate yourself with the Gadsden Flag crowd, and stand back, and another to fan the flames. Which one is Cruz doing? Read More


Minding the Flock

In Granbury, evangelical leaders rally the faithful with talk of Hitler, slavery, sodomy and voter turnout.

On Friday, at the second annual Christian Values Summit, some 200 evangelicals met in the Granbury Resort Conference Center to consider America’s precipitous moral decline. Could the nation be saved? Read More

Rep. Giovanni Capriglione (R-Southlake)

Architect of Texas Gold Depository Says it Will Kill Off Fed

State Rep. Giovanni Capriglione talks Bitcoin, bullion and the Federal Reserve with apocalyptic radio preacher

In a radio interview with Christian talk show host Rick Wiles, Rep. Giovanni Capriglione talks about the Texas gold depository, which would allow gold owned by the University of Texas’ endowment fund to be returned from New York City. While gold fever has long been a feature of American political life, its rapid normalization in Texas and adoption as state policy is odd, to say the least. Read More