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‘Outsider’ Don Huffines Puts Out His Hat for Lobby Money

Senator-elect Don Huffines (R-Dallas) may have made the transformation from outsider to insider faster than any candidate in recent memory.

Believe in the ‘Texas Miracle’ But Trust in Facts

Gov. Rick Perry and others say Texas enjoy a “miracle” economy. But small businesses and poor and middle-income Texans pay taxes higher than much of the nation, argues Phillip Longman in Washington Monthly.

Texas Media Underreports the Costs of Refusing Medicaid Expansion

Millions of Texas’ poor people remain uninsured, and their stories go largely underreported.

Where in the World is Rick Perry? CPAC Edition

Rick Perry got a warm welcome at CPAC, but it’s talk on criminal sentencing reform that may have the most impact.

WTF Friday: Vote or Die

Texas struggles with a Texas primary hangover this week. Weirdos in runoffs. God intervenes. The Ukraine is cold. And: the return of the poll tax.