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Iron Hands Behind the Pine Curtain

I watched him being loaded into the van. The pepper spray had not been washed off; his face was swollen and contorted, with long ropes of mucus hanging from his nostrils.

Houston City Council Overwhelmingly Passes Payday Loan Ordinance

Today, the Houston City Council voted 15-2 to join every other major Texas city except one (hello, Fort Worth) in regulating payday loan companies.

Shock! Harris County GOP Chair Sues Over Gay Spousal Benefits

In 2001, Houston voters approved an amendment to the city charter forbidding benefits for anyone but “legal spouses” of city employees. Is a gay couple legally married in a state that recognizes their union a legal spouse in Houston? Mayor Parker and the city attorney say yes. The Harris County Republicans say they’re “[thumbing] their nose at the will of the people.”

Down on the Farm

The only life-long farmer in the GOP race for Texas agriculture commissioner struggles to be heard over an ideological foodfight.