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Texas Book Festival Itinerary—Whodunit Edition

[Also check out the Observer‘s Borderlands Itinerary, Enviro Itinerary, Debut Author Itinerary, and Foodie Itinerary.] It’s no mystery that readers love whodunits, and this […]

Texas Book Festival Itinerary—Borderlands Edition

[See also the Observer’s Enviro Itinerary, Debut Author Itinerary, and Foodie Itinerary] From Town Lake’s Trail of Tejano Legends to the taco trucks on […]

Texas Book Festival Itinerary—Enviro Edition

Austin goes to great lengths to paint itself green, so it’s no surprise that some of this year’s Texas Book Festival authors will be […]

Payday Lenders Told to Stop Pursuing Their Customers Criminally

Three months after an Observer investigation exposed how some payday loan companies are aggressively pursuing criminal charges against their customers, the state body that oversees the industry has issued an advisory telling companies to stop the practice.

Eye On Texas: American Photography Transformed

Color: American Photography Transformed, is the catalogue of a major exhibition currently on view at the Amon Carter Museum in Fort Worth.

Years After Criminal Conviction, Citgo Petroleum Finally Facing Sentence in Corpus Christi

Six years after Citgo became the first major oil company to be criminally convicted by a jury for violating the Clean Air Act, the company may finally be sentenced in Corpus Christi.

A Tex-Centric Guide to the Austin Film Festival

Don’t be fooled by the marquee names and Oscar buzz. Don’t be dazzled by the presence of famous directors like the Coen Brothers and […]

Texas Book Festival Itinerary—Debut Author Edition

One of the great things about the Texas Book Festival is that it doesn’t play favorites with well-known writers. Many first-timers debut at the Festival, […]

Whatcha Readin’ For? Your Guide to the Fall Books Issue

Here at The Texas Observer we love books. We read them on unbound manuscript pages, in review galleys, in hardback and paperback. We read […]

El Paso’s Cinco Puntos Press Aims for Cross-Border Understanding

Being so far removed from publishing’s power centers gives Cinco Puntos Press the freedom to pursue projects that would likely be judged too regional.