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Observer Podcast Episode 26: Evolution, The Texas Medical Board and The Boy Scouts of America

In this episode of Observer Radio, staff writer Emily DePrang shares details on a report suggesting capital punishment in Texas needs a major overhaul.

Five Years On, Hurricane Ike Recovery Still Painfully Slow

Five years after Hurricane Ike, only 41 percent of all the homes have been rebuilt or rehabilitated using federal aid. Not a single unit of public housing has been rebuilt in Galveston.

Mark Busby Re-Opens Cedar Crossing

Historical fiction, journalism, oral history and a dose of Mark Busby’s imagination come together in Cedar Crossing, Busby’s latest novel. When Jeff Adams, a […]

State Board Confronts Its Evolving Influence on Texas’ Textbooks

This week showed the State Board of Education adjusting to its new, more advisory role in textbook selection—and a few board members hoping to get some of that old authority back.

Sonic the Texas Task Force II Rescue Dog

Texas Task Force II uses rescue dogs to search man-made and natural disasters in North Texas.

Rescue Dogs: The Canines and Their Handlers Who Search the Aftermath of Catastrophe

Texas Task Force II currently has four dog handlers. Five more, currently in training, will join the team later this year. All are taught to find survivors.