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A Bill Dies at Midnight: Overdose Preventions Go Down Without a Vote

Joy Strickland, who heads Mothers Against Teen Violence, sat watching video from the House floor Thursday night, praying as the bill she championed slowly died.

Central American Migrants Advocate for Immigration Reform in ‘Caravan of Hope’

Last year 23-year-old Pedro Aguilar left his home in Honduras to take the perilous journey north to the United States. His dreams for a […]

One Nation Under Willie

In his music and in his life, Willie Nelson genuinely cares about the little guy in a way that never seems contrived like so many other country music acts.

Hot List: Day 123 of the Legislature

Some legislation made it over the hurdle and others whimpered their goodbyes, at least for now. Some bills may resurface as amendments, anything to get it through.

House Approves Vaccination Consent Bill After Resurgent HPV Scare

Rep. Toni Rose’s House Bill 1340 would allow children 14 years and up to legally consent to their own immunizations.