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Texas Closer to Banning Driving While Texting

After a long debate and a slew of amendments, the Texas Legislature is closer to banning texting while driving. The House passed Rep. Tom Craddick’s bill Wednesday with a vote of 98 to 47.

Senate Bill Would Finally Remove ‘Sodomy Law’ from Texas Penal Code

The Texas Senate Criminal Justice Committee took up Senate Bill 538 would “repeal ‘homosexual conduct’ as a criminal offense.”

Border Residents Disappointed by Fence Provision in New Immigration Reform Bill

A bipartisan group of U.S. senators released their comprehensive immigration reform bill late Tuesday. It’s thrilling to finally see a reform bill which looks like it has some momentum come out of Congress—until you see the first section devoted to border security, which is like a kick in the gut for border communities.

The Seeds That Time Forgot

Once, amaranth was a staple of Mesoamerican civilization. Now a Oaxacan nonprofit is trying to bring it back.

Hot List: Day 100 of the Legislature

The Lead: We’ve reached day 100 of the session. Just 40 days left to complete the state’s business for the next two years without […]