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Texans March for Immigration Reform in Austin

A steady throng of demonstrators marched down Congress Ave. to the Capitol Friday morning, carrying huge colorful banners and signs with messages like “I was born in the USA – Don’t take my mommy and daddy away!” and “End detentions now!” The demonstrators came from all over the state and represented about 30 organizations calling for “fair and just immigration reform that provides dignity and rights for all.”

DPS Ends Controversial Helicopter Sniper Policy, Now What About the Gun Boats?

Texas Department of Public Safety Director Steve McCraw announced Thursday that DPS officers would no longer shoot from helicopters to disable vehicles, “unless we’re […]

Texas is a Big Reason Why We Still Need the Voting Rights Act

While the days of overt discrimination may be mostly behind us, institutional racism still exists. Hispanic and black Texans understand this better than most.