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David Simpson and Democrats Agree: Fix School Finance Now

As House Democrats made their play for more school funding Monday afternoon, an unlikely ally of sorts roamed the chamber among them: State Rep. David Simpson.

At Senate Hearing, Donna Campbell Misses A Link or Two

Donna Campbell seemed genuinely baffled to learn that Texas students don’t already get creationism in class. (Or Intelligent Design, as it’s more fashionably known today. Or “Intellectual Design,” as Campbell called it this morning.)

Michael Quinn Sullivan’s Fuzzy Math

But one thing everyone should be able to agree on is that conservative activist Michael Quinn Sullivan is horrible at math. Twice in the past month, Sullivan’s been thoroughly busted on the widely disseminated, but bogus, numbers that he uses to convince credulous tea partiers and lawmakers that Texas is a profligate spender.

Direct Quote: Never Forget a Face

Ken Pridgeon, 77, is on a mission to memorialize every Texas serviceperson lost in Iraq and Afghanistan with a 3’-by-4’ portrait,

Hot List: Day 35 of the Legislature

The Lead: While House and Senate members kicked up their feet for a long weekend, two left-leaning groups met in Austin to discuss their […]