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Cartels, Drugs and Money

Mexico’s drug war is enriching Texas border communities in more ways than one. Not only have wealthy Mexican business owners invested in the region, local law enforcement is benefiting from millions in assets seized from drug traffickers.

Bluffton: Texas’ Lost Civilization Rises from Lake Buchanan

Old Bluffton has been hidden under Lake Buchanan for most of the last 75 years, but severe droughts are bringing it back.

Perry, Dewhurst: Drug Test the Unemployed

Today Gov. Rick Perry and Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst lent their support to legislation that would require drug tests for people who apply for welfare and unemployment benefits.

Every Day in Texas, 93 People Lose Their Cars to Auto-Title Lenders

Naivi Garcia doesn’t think of herself as a statistic, but she’s one of the many Texans—an average of 93 each day—who have their cars repossessed by auto-title lenders, according to reports from the state Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner. It’s the first time the state has collected consumer data from the payday loan and auto-title lending industries.

Legislators View DPS Helicopter Video Taken of Fatal Shooting

State Rep. Lon Burnam, D-Fort Worth, convened a group of elected officials Monday at the Texas Capitol to watch a video taken from the […]

On School Finance, Texas Republicans Still Say Less is More

Despite all evidence to the contrary, some conservative lawmakers argue that they actually increased school funding. It’s a dishonest myth with incredible staying power.

Shudde Fath, Tyrant’s Foe: A Lifetime of Energy

When I call Shudde Fath, 95, to talk about her lifetime of Austin activism, she gives me her closing line first. “Recently,” she says, […]

Auctions of Juvenile Treatment Space to End Following Observer Story

The Juvenile Justice Association of Texas will quit auctioning treatment space in response to criticism from state Sen. John Whitmire, following a Texas Observer story.


Brian Allen Carr On Vampire Conditions and Being a Texas Boy

Vampire Conditions, the new story collection from Brian Allen Carr, includes his 2011 Texas Observer Short Story Contest prize winner “The First Henley.” Recently […]