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Why High-Cost Tutoring Programs Are Great for Business, But Lousy for Students

After school tutoring required by the No Child Left Behind act is a $50-million-a-year industry in Texas these days, and every year the market […]

Ted Cruz Comes Home to the GOP Establishment

Ted Cruz is where he is today—the next senator from Texas, barring any unforeseen circumstances such as being eaten alive by angry trolls—because of […]

The Ballad of Lloyd Oliver: It’s Not Funny Anymore

Dateline Houston cannot adequately communicate how vivid and disturbing the Houston Press’s new cover story profiling Lloyd Oliver is. You’ll just have to read […]

Burlesque Dancing

AUSTIN—Burlesque dancing is more than 100 years old and has gone through many changes. In Austin, a handful of dedicated troupes are keeping the […]