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Liveblog: Run-Off Elections 2012

10:33 p.m.: With 76 percent of precincts reporting, former state judge and wingnut John Devine appears likely to oust incumbent David Medina for a […]

The Nine Lives of Ciro Rodriguez

It’s run-off day in Texas, and the Republican race for U.S. Senate between Ted Cruz and David Dewhurst is getting all the headlines in […]

Friedkin Continues Career Dive

After the one-two punch of The French Connection and The Exorcist in the early 1970s, William Friedkin was on top of the world. The […]

The Oddest Race in Texas

As Ted Cruz whips up unprecedented excitement for the July 31 run-off election, one side effect may be a Texas Supreme Court win for […]

Washington Post Tightens Ethics Rules in Response to Observer Story

Editors at the Washington Post plan to tighten their ethics policies after an Observer exposé this week revealed a Post reporter had shared story […]

Is Sid Miller In Trouble?

It’s been a banner year for Sid Miller. After more than a decade in the Texas House, the state representative from Stephenville became a […]

Latinos Buy Obama’s Campaign Pandering

Despite having the highest deportation record of any American president in recorded history, Barack Obama has managed to achieve a 70 percent approval rating […]

A ‘Black Gold’ Rush in Cotulla

Ralph Ayala pulls up to the Brush Country Museum, parks his truck, and hops out, leaving the engine running. It’s 100 degrees outside and […]

Life Without Health Insurance

Sean Fleming has been uninsured most of his adult life. He works about 30 hours a week at an Austin bakery, and picks up […]

Now Laredo Wants a Drone Too

Last month, Democratic Congressman Henry Cuellar joined Laredo Mayor Raul Salinas for a demonstration of a ShadowHawk drone at a Laredo firefighters’ training facility. […]