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Central America’s Lost Boys

Since October, U.S. Border Patrol agents have detained more than 6,000 unaccompanied migrant children from Central America on the U.S.-Mexico border—an 86 percent increase […]

The Short, Unhappy Career of EPA’s Al Armendariz

If you’re a Republican politician in Texas or in the oil and gas industry, you’re probably rejoicing at the news that regional EPA administrator […]

The Straight & Narrow Minded

It started with good intentions. Before the hate mail began rolling in from across the country, before the pastor had his church vans vandalized […]

John Chase and the Legacy of A First

As the first or only African American in any role, it helps to remember that you are standing on the shoulders of giants. I […]

Cine Las America’s Maturing Voice

At 15, Cine Las Americas, the international film festival featuring titles from Mexico and Latin America, is coming of age. “It takes time to […]

To Serve and Protect

Despite strong Republican opposition, the U.S. Senate approved the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act on Thursday, just in time for senators’ well-deserved […]

WFAA Weighs In on Homestead Heritage With a Two-Part Investigation

What’s really going on near Waco? The short teaser on ABC’s Dallas affiliate WFAA says its two-part investigation (the first airs tonight at 10pm) […]

What’s the Beef?

Times are tough these days for Texas producers of grass-fed beef. Grass grows poorly, if at all, during the worst drought in recorded history. […]

The Best Show in Town: City Council Member Helena Brown

Meet Helena Brown. The zany rookie Houston City Council member from District A has made the news again, this time for the resignations of […]

ALEC is a Big Fan of Texas’ Fracking Disclosure Law

It turns out that one of the great consumer victories from the Texas Legislature last session was a bill so industry-friendly that ALEC and […]