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He Will Sing to You

In July, we published the first of our four finalists from our first annual short story competition. (Read the winning entry here.) The second […]

CNN Explores Warren Horinek Case

CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 will air a report tonight on the controversial case of Warren Horinek—a former Fort Worth police officer convicted in 1996 […]

Pay More or Your Lights Go Out

There’s a specter haunting Texas — the specter of blackouts. As the Austin American-Statesman reported earlier this month: Texas could face power shortages as […]

Union Defender

Becky Moeller is the first female president of the 220,000-member Texas AFL-CIO. Moeller has been active in unions for 35 years. She joined the […]

Dry Season: The texas drought of 2011

Drought has been called a “creeping disaster” because, unlike a hurricane or an earthquake, it happens in slow motion. I traveled all over Central […]

Enough with the Custom License Plate Culture War

Since the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles board approved a Christian-themed license plate design last week, the news has snowballed into a familiar national story […]

The Outsider Takes On the Insiders

That’s what the American people want, and an outsider like Rick Perry is gonna do that. —Rick Perry, Iowa Republican debate, December 11 Bus […]

Is the U.S. Military Deepening its Operations in Mexico? News Wednesday evening that U.S. military officials had arrived in Matamoros went viral over Twitter and other social media sites along the Mexican […]

In Fort Worth, No Butts About It

In Fort Worth, when the bus pulls up, young men pull up their pants. If not, granny or a bus driver will get them. […]

King Street Patriots Pledge to Deliver Us from Obama, Slavery

Tucked between a grassy hillside on the University of Texas at Austin campus and Lyndon Johnson’s presidential library, a group gathered to welcome Attorney […]