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Rick Perry is no Fred Thompson

Remember Fred Thompson? The mumbling, bumbling actor and former U.S. senator who was — briefly all too briefly — the Great Republican Hope in the […]

Perry Tries to Stay the Course; Good Luck With That

This week Rick Perry sought to prove that he can still raise money despite his recent campaign blunders and drop in the polls. Perry’s […]

The Null Set

Texas Gov. Rick Perry may have infamously flirted with secession, but it’s another states’-rights idea that he’s married to: nullification. Nullification is the crackpot […]

The Corporate Money Rolls In

In January 2010, then-Observer editor Bob Moser wrote that the “Supreme Court’s appalling and unconscionable 5-4 ruling in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission […]


The state of Texas is currently tied up in two legal challenges seeking to prove that newly drawn congressional districts leave minorities no more […]

Ag Commissioner

Tomorrow’s A Big Day for Canada-to-Texas Pipeline Fight

To call the proposed tar sands pipeline from Canada to Texas an “environmental issue” is to belittle the enormous stakes on a mind-boggling number […]

Ag Commissioner Declares War on the Border

Lately it seems that Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples would rather have the Texas Department of Agriculture become a wing of the U.S. Department of […]

Budget Cuts Hit Home

In a small clinic a few blocks from the main highway that runs through the South Texas town of Gonzales, Patrick Caldwell dispenses birth […]

Monochromatic Butterfly: The Problem With High-Stakes Testing in Schools

Before relocating to Austin, I had spent eight years teaching math and/or science in Egypt, Mexico and Honduras at elite private schools that used […]