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Death and Taxes

Maybe the most surprising thing about David Foster Wallace’s The Pale King is how easy a read it is. At 538 pages, it’s anyone’s […]

The Business of Education

In the early 1970s, Frank Erwin dominated higher education in the public University of Texas System of colleges and universities. He was a key […]

Rick Perry for President?

You know it’s presidential election season when talk shows, political blogs, and pundits are well into the winnowing process for potential candidates. With the […]

Fireworks Stands


Perry’s Response

George W. Bush was the Decider. Rick Perry is the Initiator. And, oh Lord, has Perry initiated one hell of an event. Called “The […]

Presidential Candidate Perry Bombs at National Latino Conference

Thursday in San Antonio, the national press got one of their first honest-to-God looks at Gov. Perry’s presidential potential. They got to evaluate his […]

Steve Earle Visits The Texas Observer

Singer-songwriter Steve Earle sits down with Managing Editor Michael May to talk about his new book, I’ll Never Get Out of This World Alive.


The Houston Kid

Success made Rodney Crowell,but in a roundabout way. The Texas musician, known as a songwriter’s songwriter, has written a memoir about his childhood in […]

Killing the Blues

It’s kind of painful to admit, now that I’ve come to appreciate the late, great blues master. One night in the early ’80s, I […]