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Six Questions for State Climatologist John Nielsen-Gammon

This is Part Seven in an occasional series of Q&As with Texans involved in issues of the environment and energy. (Read Part One with […]

What We Know About Deer Season

We know about urine, how our scent deflects bucks and does, and so we know to crouch, to let the hay-streams loose within sight […]

Archived Soul

I have a confession: I’ve never understood David Foster Wallace, that literary figure of monumental proportions who delighted readers with no small output of […]

Amidst Two Major Losses, Education Advocates See Small Victories in School Finance

Monday was a rough day at the Legislature for education advocates trying to protect teacher contracts and assuage the $4 billion cuts to public […]

Amidst Two Major Losses, Education Advocates See A Watered-Down Victories in School Finance

When it comes to easy talking points for education advocates—protecting teacher contracts and assuaging the $4 billion in cuts to public schools—there’s going to […]