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The Drowned Man

In our early 20s, my wife and I didn’t have any money or real jobs. We were going to college and doing day labor […]

Of Lone Star Pride and Federal Prejudice

Join us for six sessions on books, writing and culture! The Second Annual Texas Observer Writers’ Festival    FEATURING SARAH BIRD  reading from her […]

My My My My Sharia

Representative Leo Berman has introduced a joint resolution (HJR 57) proposing a constitutional amendment that would “prohibit a court of the state from enforcing, […]

From Laundry Loopholes to Teacher Layoff Delays

Day 46 of the 82nd Texas Legislature  It’s finally Friday and lawmakers are headed back to their districts for the weekend, after a busy […]

Why Jonathan Franzen’s “Freedom” Is The Most Overrated Recent Novel

Jonathan Franzen has written a poignant book about coming of age in the Midwest of the 1970s, the discontents of family, searching for identity […]

Life and Death on Big Oil’s Fence Line

From Facing South, where this article was first published. The environmental destruction caused by Louisiana’s oil industry did not begin with the BP disaster, […]

Rising Seas Could Swamp Some Texas Cities By 2100

While Republicans in Congress, led by members of the Texas GOP delegation, work to defund and defang the EPA, climate change – and the […]

Standing Down

Courage comes in more than one form, but sometimes it’s easier to recognize. For instance, few would deny that Marine Cpl. Garrett Jones is […]

Ask A Legislator: In What Situation Would You Use the Rainy Day Fund?

Question for our legislators: “In what situation would you use the Rainy Day Fund?”

From Balanced Budgets to Criminal Justice Cuts

Day 45 of the 82nd Texas Legislature Two of Gov. Rick Perry’s emergency items saw some action yesterday. A House version of the pre-abortion […]