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Brammer Remembered

Billy Lee Brammer remembered, as narrated by his daughter, Sidney Brammer.  Watch the slideshow here.

SBOE Enters Un-Charter-ed Territory

“It’s all a chess game,” State Board of Education member David Bradley told me Thursday on his efforts to get the board to invest […]

Second Stimulus? No Chance!

Two years ago, Michael Williams, 47, worked in retail management. He had been with the same company, which he prefers not to name, for […]

So, It’s Elephantus Reipublicae and it Does Eat Its Young!

BP’s Toll on Texas

Forget the Gulf oil spill for a moment (if that’s possible). If you want to understand the depth of BP’s venality—and the uselessness of […]

R.I.P. Pickens Plan [UPDATED]

Updated below For two years, Boone Pickens has been getting millions of dollars’ worth of criticism-free media exposure for the Pickens Plan – his […]

INSTITUTE INDEX: USDA’s real racism problem

From Facing South, the online magazine of the Institute for Southern Studies. Controversy erupted this week after Shirley Sherrod — a black U.S. Department […]

Back Without Vengeance: SBOE Looks at Charter School Funding [UPDATED]

UPDATE 10:50: Oh the fickle minds of the state board members! David Bradley has now said he will raise the issue and poll the […]

Texas Tea: Eight Republicans Join the TP Caucus

Minnesota Republican Michelle Bachman stood on the Congressional steps on Wednesday and announced the formation of the Tea Party Caucus, and guess which state […]

Inception Theatre Comes to San Antonio

Chelsea Fry, 28, realized after years in the business that there was something missing in the San Antonio theatre scene. As an actor and […]