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Karl Rove’s Big Money Party

I hate to break this to you, gentle readers. But Karl Rove is back in a big way — and tricky as ever. And […]

Fort Bend Firebrand

INSPIRATION, IT SEEMS, CAN STRIKE FIRE FROM THE DULLEST OF CLAY—even clay as dull as Tom DeLay. “He was my muse,” confided Susan DuQuesnay […]

Ah, Texas: Radioactive Politics, Gas Protests and Coal Wars

Apologies… I’ve been remiss in posting the past couple weeks, primarily because I’ve been working on a cover story on TCEQ that’s coming out […]

Motion Sickness

There is a woman in Munich whose damaged brain knows life as a sequence of still photographs changing stroboscopically – a cup overflows while […]

Pornography, Thomas Jefferson and the SBOE

On Friday, as the State Board of Education got ready for the final vote on the social studies standard (and I got ready to […]

Will Film Commission ‘Machete’ Rodriguez’s New Film?

Back in 2007, our esteemed Texas Legislature passed a law that allows the state to forbid tax incentives to any kind of film, TV […]

Lives in Extremes

At the Indian consulate in an unidentified major American city, seven visa applicants and two members of the consular staff are trapped by an […]

The Power of Yes

If there’s a sweet spot where Jonathan Swift, Borat, Michael Moore and underground British street artist Banksy blend under a banner of cultural agitation, […]

A Stroke of Genius: SBOE Round 4

Imagine, if you will, that you are a social conservative on the State Board of Education. You have been criticized by everyone from Fox […]

Republicans Fume, Blow Off Mexican President’s Visit to Congress

Watch them grimace. See them shake their heads in mock dismay as Senator John Cornyn did during Mexican President Felipe Calderon’s speech yesterday at […]