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GOP Debate II: Medina Scores, Perry Defends, Hutchison Benches Herself

The single most stunning thing about Friday night’s Republican debate was the fact that Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison did not belong on the same […]

Will Perry Be Asked About Willingham Tonight?

Tonight’s second GOP gubernatorial debate in Dallas would seem the perfect opportunity to ask Gov. Rick Perry about the case of Cameron Todd Willingham. […]

Close to Homeless

No food or water. No money. No cell phone. Just proof of I.D., the clothes on our backs, and a backpack stuffed with a […]

Battle for Secret ASARCO Documents Continues

The following is a report by super-duper Observer intern Laura Burke: Really, what would inspire the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to renew the […]

Obama on Climate Change: Underwhelming

My reaction to Obama’s State of the Union remarks on climate change last night: underwhelming. He uttered the phrase “climate change” precisely once. Worse, […]

How Perry Clinched the Man-Cave Vote

Maybe it’s just the French queer socialist sushi-nibbling claque that I tend to hang with, but one of the more frequent questions that crops […]

Conversion Story

Abby Johnson was the 29-year-old executive director of Planned Parenthood in Bryan when she resigned in October. A month later, she was on Mike […]


I remember playing tagwith my daughters:they never caught me thenand never would; or that last gameof hide and seek,when night felland they went to […]

Bogus Science Peddled by TCEQ

If TCEQ disappeared tomorrow, would anyone know the difference? Sometimes I wonder. Here’s the latest: After years of citizen complaints about air pollution linked […]

The Health Care Debacle

I survived the Bush years by employing a simple mantra: “It’s best not to think about it.” I would mutter this to myself whenever […]