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Burning Justice

For decades, fire investigators walked into charred buildings in search of the same clues, the same subtle traces, that they thought indicated arson: the […]

Manslaughter at a State School

More sad evidence this week that reforming the troubled Texas state school system — the 13 large institutions for the mentally disabled — will […]

Unraveling the mystery behind the “terrorist patches” in Hebbronville

Back in 2005 and 2006 several news stories about terrorists and suspected terrorists crossing the southern border circulated in the media and the blogosphere. […]

Heath Care Reform Would Benefit Texas

Must-read column today by Michael Schnurman in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. He details how and why national health care reform would benefit Texas. For […]

Boots On the Ground

Sierra Blanca—”Y’all got here just in time. We’re going to look for a body. Are you up for it? It’s gonna get rough out […]

AP Demolishes Latest Climate Skeptics Talking Point

One of the more popular notions currently circulating among global warming skeptics is that the Earth has entered a cooling phase. The “theory” is […]

The Supposed Willingham Confession

On Sunday, Stacy Kuykendall — the ex-wife of Cameron Todd Willingham — gave her first public statement in years. She provided a statement to […]

Dallas Police Driving Me Loco

I realize Dallas is a ways from the border. This was one of those stories, however, that just seems too outrageous to believe so […]

Small-Tent Politics: New Texas GOP Chair Tacks Right. Way Right.

While a few level heads in the Texas Republican Party recognize the cold, dirty truth—that they must expand their base beyond white conservatives or […]

Burger Barn, Chicken Shack, Waffle House