Dept. of Self-Parody



Dave Mann

The distortions and lies about the national health care reform are coming so fast now, it’s making my head spin.Some of the rhetoric is downright hilarious.Actual right-wing blog headline: “ObamaCare Equals Government Funded Euthanasia.”The Associated Press put out a helpful fact sheet over the weekend. You can read it here.My personal favorite is the hysteria over euthanasia among some right-wing groups.Just to be clear, there’s no euthanasia provision in the bill. The bill would allow Medicare to pay for end-of-life planning and “advance-directive consultations,” if patients so choose, but nothing — repeat, nothing — is mandatory.Euthanasia talk aside, the main conservative argument against the Democrats’ health-care reform is that it would make your life worse.Now, at first glance, this seems counterintuitive. It takes some serious rhetorical Jujitsu — not to mention a lot of chutzpah — to try to convince Americans that they really don’t want access to affordable health insurance.But that’s the argument some Republicans are making. Details after the jump. (On a side note, I believe this blog post represents the first time in recorded history that references to Jujitsu and chutzpah are contained in a single sentence.)

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