Tom DeLay's booking photo

WTF Friday: To the Barrycades!

Tom DeLay is not saying there should be revolution in the streets, but if that's what it takes...


Well, folks, it’s time once again for WTF Friday. Because it’s Friday, thank goodness, and it’s time to laugh, cry or spit your coffee, beer or other beverage of choice at the computer screen in reaction to the outrageous things our dear political friends said this week. After the Cruzapalooza of the last month, not to mention the lieutenant governor’s plumbing of new lows in his spirited run to the right, things were somewhat quieter in our fair land this week.

Louie Gohmert even managed to have a picknick near Dallas and as far as we can tell didn’t say anything quite up to the WTF standards of WTF Friday. Ted Cruz, meanwhile, was impugning Tex-Mex cuisine in cutesy interviews about what Ted likes. (No word on what his favorite color is, or what Sporting Team he most prefers.)

Sure, you had Alex Jones—with his dial set at 11, as usual—down at The Alamo this weekend hollering about “the globalists” and how there aren’t enough guns in blood-drenched Mexico, while hundreds of folks, including a few friendly neo-Nazis, carried loaded rifles and scaring the bejesus out of some Canadian tourists, dontchaknow?

But the week just wouldn’t have been nearly so WTF-y without a certain blast from the past shuffling back onto the national stage. Yep, it’s Hammer time again because Tom DeLay is back, baby. Tom DeLay—the nation’s only politician whose resumé includes pesticide sprayer, House majority leader, Dancing with the Stars punchline, convicted criminal and now… leader of the revolutionary vanguard! Speaking at a tea party event in Burleson Tuesday night, Tom DeLay urged the crowd to take to the Barrycades (get it?). Reported the Dallas Morning News:

“It’s time for a constitutional renewal, a constitutional revival,” DeLay said in Burleson, adding that this revival is inherently linked to a “spiritual awakening” he sees happening across the country. He said conservatives have allowed “the left to intimidate us, cut off our heads, put us in prison.”

“It’s time for a revolution,” DeLay said. “I am not advocating for revolution in the streets. But if that’s what it takes …

I’m not advocating that people just ignore Tom DeLay and maybe he’ll go away. But if that’s what it takes…

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