When A Steer Escapes At A Carnival

Notes from far-flung Texas.



Attorney Mark A. Metzger III was briefly detained by police after he was spotted walking on the beach wearing a Michael Myers mask and carrying what looked like a bloody knife, the Daily News reports. Metzger, who said his costumed stroll was a “prank,” was charged with disturbing the peace and released.


Patty Tidwell awoke one night to find that a massive python had taken up residence in her toilet. She called animal control, which responded quickly and somehow captured the reptile using Tidwell’s own hair straightener. Police told NewsWest 9 that the snake was likely someone’s pet because it appeared to be well-fed.


Rush hour drivers in this Dallas suburb were treated to a rare sight after a vehicle hauling an animal trailer blew a tire, CBS DFW reports. On the roadside, the driver opened the trailer and let out a camel. A photo posted to Twitter shows a police dog taking a keen interest in the rare visitor.  

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A loggerhead sea turtle got first-class treatment as it was flown by private plane from the Florida Keys to South Padre Island, the Beaumont Enterprise reports. The turtle, which was injured by a boat last year, was being rehabilitated in Florida. A nonprofit group chartered the flight to Texas, where the loggerhead will join a special community of other injured turtles.


A woman visiting the East Texas State Fair suffered minor injuries when a steer escaped its handlers and charged her. According to KLTV, the animal was being loaded into a trailer when it evaded its captors and managed to navigate across the street to the carnival. It was wrangled shortly after.  

Wichita Falls

After a Facebook commenter used a racist remark in an attempt to disparage Mayor Steven Santellana, who is Hispanic, the public official wrote a post of his own, the Times Record News reports. “Raise your hand if you love tacos,” Santellana wrote, adding that if his post was popular enough, he would call a citywide taco festival. He did just that in October.