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The Texas House’s Sexual Harassment Training Video is Short, Legalistic and Will Likely Be Ineffective

by | Thu, Jan 18, 2018 at 14:24 CST
Research shows that in order to be effective, sexual harassment training must be longer than four hours and involve face-to-face interaction.
Greg Abbott accepted the Site Selection Governor's Cup in March, but neglected to mention the behind-the-scenes corporate handouts that made Texas a frontrunner for the honor. by

Despite Self-Congratulation, Lawmakers Did Virtually Nothing about Maternal Mortality Crisis

Governor Greg Abbott said he was “committed to doing everything we can to combat the maternal mortality rate,” but lawmakers ignored specific recommendations to reduce pregnancy-related deaths.

Jen Reel From the way the governor and top Republican lawmakers have been talking, you’d think the Legislature was taking bold steps toward solving the state...Read More