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How 50 Years of Feminism in the Texas Legislature Shaped the Fights We See Today

by | Tue, Feb 19, 2019 at 13:30 CST
Legislators began tackling issues like funding family planning, equal economic opportunity for women and justice for sexual assault survivors in the early 1970s. Their work continues a half-century later.
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Year in Review: Loon Star State in 2018

The year in political cartoons from the strangest state in the union.

Trump’s sophomore year in the White House made for plenty of ammunition for political cartoonist Ben Sargent. In the pages of the Observer in 2018, the fo...Read More

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Six Texas Political Players Who Lost Power in 2018

A diverse and bipartisan ensemble of politicians and groups were rudely awakened as they were wrested from or kept out of power in 2018.

Power is a funny thing. One minute you have it; the next it’s gone. Sometimes it’s taken forcefully; other times it’s given away. In Texas, the ruling Rep...Read More