A ‘Stay-at-Home’ Order by Any Other Name

by | Thu, Apr 2, 2020 at 16:02 CST
At a time when clear and decisive action is paramount, Governor Greg Abbott has delayed, deferred, and equivocated, likely costing lives.
In this January 11, 2020 photoGary Gates, a Republican businessman running for a Texas state house seat up for special election in the suburbs west of Houston speaks in front of campaign signs placed on a volunteers lawn in Katy, Texas. Gates' opponent, Eliz Markowitz, is getting national endorsements from big name Democrats before voters go the polls on January 28. (AP Photo/ John L. Mone) by

What the GOP’s Big Win in Fort Bend County Means for 2020

The special election runoff rout is a sobering reminder for Democrats that the GOP still dominates much of Texas. But it wasn’t the 2020 death knell that Republicans have made it out to be.

Democrats wanted to send a message in the Texas House District 28 special election runoff. A strong performance by Democrat Eliz Markowitz in Fort Bend County...Read More

Donald Trump by

Trump Harvests Support in America’s Farmlands

At a farm convention in Austin, the nation’s agriculture sector warmly welcomed a president who has hurt them in the past.

Donald Trump flew down to Austin on Sunday evening to commune with the sunburned, work-weary farmers and ranchers who comprise one of his most prized voting blo...Read More