Book Review: Scapegoating the Media Ignores Other Major Problems in American Politics

by | Thu, Jul 11, 2019 at 6:30 CST
Yes, the news industry helped get Trump elected — but not to the extent that Nolan Higdon and Mickey Huff argue in their new book, United States of Distraction.

Sunk Costs

The border wall is more expensive than you think.

When the federal government builds a border wall, the taxpayer foots two bills. First, there’s the cost to get the thing built, a figure proclaimed in preside...Read More

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Texas Legislature Set to (Slightly) Expand Medical Marijuana Access

Only Texans with intractable epilepsy can currently use medical cannabis. As new legislation heading toward the governor’s desk adds a few more conditions to the list, advocates wish lawmakers had gone further and Republicans fret about a "slippery slope."

It wasn’t the wide-ranging medical cannabis bill that Democrats and marijuana advocates wanted. But patients with terminal cancer, autism, neurodegenerative d...Read More