COVID-19 is Buying Time for Gulf Coast Towns Fighting Oil and Gas Projects

by | Fri, Apr 3, 2020 at 11:25 CST
In Surfside Beach, Port Aransas, and elsewhere, contentious new infrastructure projects may be stalled by the accelerating pandemic.

R.I.P. Pickens Plan [UPDATED]

Boone Pickens unceremoniously drops wind from his energy plan

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The End of the Hill Country [UPDATED]

The long-simmering tension between water conservation and Drill, Baby, Drill is coming to a boil

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Weems Discovers the Hazards of Experience

Jeff Weems, candidate for Railroad Commissioner, faces attacks for his connections to BP—from an opponents without connections to anyone

Experience in politics is a lot like sex in college. You probably want to have some–no one wants to be a prude–but too much and you might start hear...Read More

The BP Screw-Up We Almost Didn’t Hear About

While oil leaked into the Gulf, toxic chemicals spewed from BP's refinery in Texas City

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There’s Something in the Water

Scientists take a closer look at the chemicals coming out of your tap.

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