On the Fence

A new documentary chronicles the border wall boondoggle

If it weren’t for 9-11, we wouldn’t have a 670-mile border fence boondoggle along our southern border, was the take home point  from filmmakers Rory Kenned...Read More

TCEQ Rolls Over for Harold Simmons

With $4.2 million, you too can buy yourself a state agency.

In a perfect illustration of its priorities, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has agreed to let Waste Control Specialists keep radioactive waste th...Read More

Cash Flow

A tiny Texas town takes on T. Boone Pickens--and tries to save its water.

Hear Forrest Wilder’s interview with KUT’s Jennifer Stayton about this story.   George Arrington, 77, has made and lost and remade a small fortune ...Read More

The Late, Great Ogallala Aquifer

A closer look at the decline of the Panhandle's greatest resource

I’ve got a story coming out later this week on a Panhandle water fight. The story focuses on Hemphill County, an interesting corner of the state that’s taki...Read More

Another BP Outrage

With the BP well capped and former CEO Tony Hayward exiled to Russia, perhaps you thought the BP horror story was coming to a close. Now comes this: prison labo...Read More

The Masters of the Universe Screw Up Again

Texas' biggest utility is slowly collapsing under mountain of debt. Thanks deregulation!

Chalk up another victory for electricity deregulation. The company formerly known as TXU – reborn in 2007, after the largest leveraged buyout in history, as E...Read More