A Stroke of Genius: SBOE Round 4

Social studies standards pass; Cynthia Dunbar's sleight-of-hand

Imagine, if you will, that you are a social conservative on the State Board of Education. You have been criticized by everyone from Fox News to The Colbert Repo...Read More

History Takes a While: SBOE Round 3

State Board of Education goes late into the night discussing social studies

I once attended a Cubs-Padres game that went 14 innings. While it was long, it wasn’t particularly exciting—every time it looked like someone might scor...Read More

The Parent Trap

First you’re arrested for abandonment, then comes child-care assistance.

On the morning of May 19, 2009, a maintenance worker in a north Austin apartment complex knocked on the door to apartment 1226. The door swung open, and before ...Read More

Social Study: SBOE Round 2

State Board of Education hears lengthy public testimony and engages

Friends, the last several hours have been quite exciting. You see, your friendly reporter got an upgrade from the overflow arena into the actual meeting. Imagin...Read More

Coming Soon: State Bored of Education?

New SBOE members may be bring relative calm to the normally tempestuous board

As the buzz continues about this week’s State Board of Education meeting (which I’ll be covering here), it brings to mind one incontrovertible truth...Read More

Too Black for School?

How race skews school discipline in Texas.

Brandarion Thomas didn’t fit the stereotype of a sex offender. He was handsome, popular and 14 years old. But in June 2008, during summer school at Travis Jun...Read More

Defending Invisibles

Tyrant’s Foes

From a cramped office in their Edinburg home, Nadezhda Garza and her older sister, Anayanse, publicize the plight of an almost invisible population—thousands ...Read More

School House Crock

Why is Texas prosecuting adults for dropping out?

In the fall of 2007, LaDarrius Gunn’s senior year of high school started fine. A lightning-fast cornerback and kick returner, Gunn starred at Paris High and h...Read More