UT’s Dirty Investments

While many universities have stopped investing in companies that do business in Sudan, the University of Texas still invests millions of dollars in the energy c...Read More

Barely Legal

The first day of school always comes with some level of trepidation. Will my classmates like me? Will my teacher be nice? Will administrators discover that I’...Read More

Higher Education Goes WiFi

High Expectations for the Future of Higher Education

In case you weren’t aware, the future of higher education is online. That was the primary takeaway from yesterday’s panel discussion entitled “High Expect...Read More

A So-Called RINO Joins the Tea Party Caucus

Straus supporter and Rob Eissler has joined the Tea Party Caucus. Does that mean a shift in policy?

There are good surprises—cool Uncle Jim is coming to Christmas—and there are bad surprises—weird Auntie Edna’s making her special version of Jello s...Read More

Saving A Small Town

Hale Center was once a seat of power. The last Democratic speaker of the Texas House, Pete Laney, brought governors and lawmakers, including George W. Bush, to ...Read More