They Can Have It, But You Can’t



Dave Mann

State lawmakers in Texas receive free health insurance from, ahem, the government.

Lawmakers in 11 other states also get free health insurance, the Associated Press reports today.

Irony alert: Quite a few of those Texas legislators — 36 of them, in fact — who receive free government health care are openly opposed to the Obama health care reform. They just don’t want more government messing around in, um, health care.

Here’s what Weatherford Republican Phil King wrote in a letter earlier this week to Texas’ members of Congress, urging them to vote against the reform bill:

People are demanding health care reform; not a government takeover of health care. There is a major difference between the two…. I strongly oppose more government spending and even more government intrusion in the name of health care.

So, government health care: a terrible, terrible idea…you know, most of the time…for other people.