The Rick Perry Soundtrack

While the Perry campaign rocks out, Bill White drones on


Please, someone find the DJ for Rick Perry’s commercials and book him for your next party. Or Bill White’s.

The latest Perry attack ad is up on YouTube, on the LiberalBillWhite channel, and it’s another reminder of why the Perry camp seems to have it together. It feels like they’re having some fun over there. This ad combines old-timey train crashes, funny Bill White expressions and—is that Ozzy Osbourne? Why yes, yes it is.

While the Rs rock out, White’s people offer us this video of White talking about the State Board of Education. This is the second most-watched video on his YouTube channel after that one of him talking behind a white (get it?) background. That’s the best joke yet and I made it!

Purple Texas devotees will already have read Bob Moser’s arguments that White has failed to package Perry in any effectively negative light. So far, they’ve presented their case in a rational and straightforward manner, but that’s just not as catchy as “Crazy Train.” Jokes are memorable—and they get people excited. In the wise words of Ben & Jerry’s, “If it’s not fun, why do it?” It beats a well-intentioned scowl any day. Or maybe I’m the only one who wants trains blowing up.

Over at the Tribune, Democratic consultant Jason Stanford (who ran that losing Chris Bell race four years ago) offered White’s folks some suggestions for a sharper attack—logo-ed bullet-proof vests in the wake of coyote-gate being the most memorable. For their sake, I hope someone on the White campaign is coming up with some tchotchke ideas, or at least a soundtrack that’s more than Bill White’s monotone. I understand that some candidates (and campaigns) take a more serious approach, but it’s only May and they’re going to need to find a way to sustain enthusiasm from now till November. Somehow, I doubt more Bill White family photos are going to be enough to pose a real threat.

After all, just to get pumped about writing this post, I watched the Perry ad Leader. Admit it: That’s some perfect montage music.