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The Texas Miracle #2: Serial Annunciation

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This week on the Texas Miracle podcast, the Observer’s weekly compendium of Texas news and oddities, we talk to Tim Faust, the guy who raised $69,000 for a Texas abortion fund by selling Ted Cruz t-shirts that depict the GOP presidential candidate as the notorious Zodiac Killer, and we’ll get advice on what undocumented Texans can do if immigration officials come to their door. We’re joined by staffer Alexa Garcia-Ditta, the Houston Chronicle’s Bobby Cervantes and Texas Monthly freelancer Doyin Oyeniyi for a Texas news roundtable, and the Observer‘s Patrick Michels will drop by to sneak some snake-related nightmares (if you’ve listened to the episode and know what we mean, well — here’s the jolly little reptile in question, you’ve been forewarned) into this edition of the Strangest State. Finally, we’ll talk to former Texas state Senator Wendy Davis, who calls in to answer this week’s Ask A Texan question: Is there a movement to outlaw abortion in the United States?

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