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Need An Abortion In Texas? Don’t Be Poor.

For women struggling to pay for abortions, the Lilith Fund bridges personal choice and financial reality. But the Texas Legislature is poised to make abortion access even harder.

In Texas, abortion is increasingly an option only for the rich. ...Read More


Pregnant? Scared? Can They Help?

The rise of crisis pregnancy centers and the abortion-alternative industry in Texas.

As $26.3 million in taxpayer money funds the ‘abortion alternatives’ industry, dogma drowns reason and hurts vulnerable women too. ...Read More


Texas Women’s Health Program to launch Nov. 1

Planned Parenthood is out of the program and state says the market will rapidly replace them. But watch out for the poison pill clause.

This is the third story in our Collateral Damage series examining the impact of family planning cuts in Texas. You can read the second story in the series here...Read More