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How Far Can Texas Democrats Take the Quorum Break?

House Democrats are intent on staying in D.C. until this session’s GOP voting bill is dead. Beyond that, it’s unclear.

It’s been 12 days since Texas House Democrats staged their dramatic quorum break to block the GOP’s election legislation, but it’s felt like an eternity....Read More


Texans With Disabilities Fear Voting Will Get Harder for Them as Special Session on GOP Restrictions Nears

The extent to which Republicans’ proposed voting restrictions might affect voters of color has received much attention, but Texans with disabilities also face the prospect of new barriers to the ballot box.

“Texans with disabilities fear voting will get harder for them as special session on GOP restrictions nears” was first published by The Texas Tribun...Read More

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With a Special Session on Voting Restrictions Looming, Texas Dems Push for Federal Protections

Voting rights advocates say Texas Republicans’ underhanded effort to ram through new voter suppression measures highlights the need to restore federal voting rights legislation.

Nearly every legislative session, Texas Republicans cite the myth of widespread, election-swinging voter fraud to try to make voting harder, scarier, and more c...Read More

Protesters gather outside the federal court house, Monday, July 10, 2017, in San Antonio, where a redistricting trial is taking place. Federal courts earlier this year found that Texas passed election laws to purposefully discriminate against Hispanic and black voters and the trial starting today could redraw Texas voting maps before 2018 and bolster Democratic efforts to reclaim Congress. by

Republicans Come to Texas to Prepare for the 2021 Redistricting Battle

The right has an audacious plan to, once again, use the redistricting process to maintain power. At ALEC’s annual conference in Austin, Republican state legislators learned how to navigate the legal and political challenges that will likely arise.

Last week, more than 200 conservative state lawmakers from around the country packed into a hotel conference room in Austin for a panel session entitled “How ...Read More