Texas history

The Schluter House in Jefferson, Texas is rumored to be haunted.

The Ghosts of Jefferson

This East Texas tourist town calls itself “the most haunted town in Texas,” but its whitewashed ghost stories elide a complex racial history.

by Asher Elbein


Up From the Desert

As a child, I hunted for fossils in the Chihuahuan Desert beyond my backyard. Those afternoons shaped the way I think about my fronteriza identity today.

by Victoria Blanco


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Hollie-Jawaid taught her daughter, Imani Nia Ramirez, and son about Slocum "as soon as they could understand words."

Where the Bodies are Buried

In 1910, East Texas saw one of America’s deadliest post-Reconstruction racial purges. One survivor’s descendants have waged an uphill battle for generations to unearth that violent past.

by Michael Barajas