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When Prison Reform Goes Bad

What happened to the Legislature's two-decade-old attempt to break the cycle of incarceration for low-level felons?

In the early 1990s, the Texas Legislature tried to build something surprisingly progressive amid the state’s tough-on-crime prison boom: an alternative to pri...Read More

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A Catch-22 in the Crimmigration System in Harris County

In Houston, a lack of transparency and poor communication between immigration and criminal courts has created a civil rights nightmare and a clog in the system.

Abysmal record-keeping and an increasingly secretive immigration force have created a catch-22 for undocumented defendants accused of low-level crimes in Housto...Read More

Traumatized Girls Get Inadequate Therapy from County Probation, Group Finds

Texas Criminal Justice Coalition survey finds many girls need better trauma counseling at county facilities. State officials call the report flawed, saying it doesn’t account for progress at local probation departments.

More than half the kids in Texas’ juvenile justice system have some history of sexual abuse, domestic violence or some other major trauma, and—according to ...Read More