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Faith Groups: Texas ‘Ignored and Disrespected’ Religious Freedom in Passing Fetal Burial Law

The requirements “purportedly honor dignity of the unborn at the expense of the dignity of the women whose religious and personal freedom they curtail,” a collection of religious organizations wrote in a recent court filing.

It’s been years since Dr. Karen Swenson stopped doing miscarriage management at Seton, a Catholic hospital in Austin. That’s because of Seton’s longtime b...Read More

Reproductive rights supporters wear hospital gowns and carry signs reading "I support Jane." by

The Year of Uterus Versus Them

In Texas, things can always get worse when it comes to reproductive health. And in 2015, they did.

In 2013, when the Texas Legislature passed one of country’s most restrictive anti-abortion laws, I wondered if we’d ever see a more destructive year for rep...Read More