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Swamp City Serenade

Bryan Washington’s remarkable debut book, "Lot," captures Houston in meticulous, tenderhearted detail.

The wonder of Houston can sometimes be difficult to explain to those not born and bred in the Bayou City. Yes, it is indeed sprawling, as so many have said pejo...Read More


Ancestors in a Strange New Land

In Houston, an exhibit of vibrant, playful Egúngún costumes speaks to Nigerian tradition and migration.

Visitors to “Ara Oru Kinkin (Masquerades Mythology),” the current show by the artist Akirash at Lawndale Center for the Arts in Houston, will find themselve...Read More

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What I Learned from Ray Hill, Houston’s Citizen Provocateur

On Saturday, Uncle Ray, as he was known to many, died in hospice at age 78. His legacy of unrepentant rabble-rousing made Texas a more welcome place for the underdog.

The story goes that Texas singer-songwriter Gerald Bates was driving in Houston one night and tuned his radio to KPFT, a listener-sponsored community station, w...Read More